Shahada College
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  "A" Grade     NBA ACCREDITED     Approved by AICTE, New Delhi     Permitted by Govt. of Maharashtra     Affiliated to North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon  
  • Bhausaheb Janjire

    Director, Indotech
    Graduation Year: 2000

    Jignesh Patel

    CEO, ERA Mechatronix Pvt. Ltd.
    Graduation Year: 2000

    Sumit Khokhar

    Sr. Software Engineer at Wipro, Pune
    Graduation Year: 2007

    Sunita Mishra

    Software Engineer at Aurionpro Solution Ltd., Mumbai
    Graduation Year: 2007

    Vishrant Patil

    at Quincy, Massachusetts(USA)
    Graduation Year: 2007

    Nikhil P, Patil

    Sr. Structural Engineer at North American Bus Industries, Alabam U.S.A
    Graduation Year: 2006


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President's Message.

Engage yourself in constructive work for the betterment and upliftment of the masses, crusading this campaign till the last breath without expectation should be your goal......

Sahakar Maharshi

Hon. Shri Annasaheb P.K.Patil

Pioneer in the field of Socio-Economic Transformation of rural areas through Industry and Education.

Principal's Message

 We believe that the success of an Institute lies in Professionalism,  Proficiency, Productivity & Planning.  This reflects in the Institute‚Äôs   ethos directly towards building a society that is vibrant and growing through knowledge,  sharing and zeal for creativity. .

Coordinator's Message

Education is a continuous learning in order to strengthen the mind and character of an individual. It is the process of accumulation of knowledge, skills and values and transmitting them to our next generations to make them stand upto the challenges of future. .